Reward and recognition programme

Hŕvity is a pioneering interactive ecosystem that connects people and organisations through HR.

We do this in part of our rewards and recognition programme that contributes to the development and recognition of talent that drives innovation to promote positive change in the working environment.

Our rewards and recognition programme acknowledges talent by issuing digital badges that provide significant value to contributors by highlighting accomplishments such as verifiable skills, achievements and contributions.

What’s in it for Hŕvity members? Plenty!

Digital badge earners can enhance and promote their achievements

Digital badges can be displayed on CV’s, LinkedIn profiles and email signatures

Newly acquired skills and achievements are recorded as part of your continuous professional development

You can widen your professional network and expand employment opportunities

How do I claim a digital credential?

Once you have met the specific criteria of a digital credential, fill out the request form with supporting evidence. Your request will be reviewed within 14 business days. On approval, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to claim the badge.

Hŕvity are currently awarding Community Member badges.

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