HR Contributor Badge

Earners of the HR Contributor badge add value to the Hŕvity community by contributing and sharing content.

The badge holder is knowledgeable and passionate about current HR challenges, actively engages with other members, shares HR knowledge and provides solutions to workplace issues.

Badge Criteria

To earn this badge, members of the community must complete all the following activities within 1 year:

Contribute at least one original blog post or article to an industry standard on the Hŕvity website and social media platforms, with the post shared a minimum of ten times

Create at least one piece of original content with a minimum word count of 500 words for publication in the HR Toolkit

Start a new topic in the forum to encourage discussion and participate actively in responding to community members

A member of our team will review the information that has been submitted for approval. You will receive details about our decision very soon. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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