About Hŕvity

Redefining HR to create meaningful change in the workplace

Who we are

High performing people are the driving force behind success at Hŕvity. To achieve HR success, we empower people to be the change they want to see in the workplace. We are an HR knowledge sharing platform where you can connect with your peers to share valuable insights, best practices and practical solutions to workplace challenges.

We encourage people to take ownership of their continuous professional development. Hŕvity values and rewards contributors who want to redefine HR by making a positive contribution to our platform, through the reward and recognition programme.

What we believe

We are passionate about redefining HR, to create a healthier workplace and a more prosperous society. To achieve this, requires a shift from traditional practises, allowing us to encourage progressive and radical ideas that will change the future of HR. Our purpose is to promote these concepts with a new approach. One that values contributions, embraces innovation, invests in learning and development, fosters equality, diversity, and inclusion. We provide an interactive ecosystem for people and organisations to collaborate and foster a positive culture that is transferable in the workplace.

What is the best way to pronounce Hŕvity

Hŕvity – it’s a silent H, with a long aaah for the R followed by vity, rather like you would say the “vitie” in your favourite biscuits “McVitie.” So it is “Aaah, vitie.” It derived from Oxfordshire, but we welcome your suggestions for alternative pronouncations.


Connecting people and organisations through HR to promote positive change in the workplace.



Redefining HR by providing an interactive ecosystem for people and organisations.


Inspire to make a difference.

Empowering people.

Act with integrity.

Achieve excellence together.

Build relationships.

Fun and engaging.

Strive to excel.

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